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Art On The Way
Project #2:  Keep Austin Surreal
Artist:  Gary Sweeney
Location:  517 South Lamar 
Austin, TX 78704
Date:  July 23rd thru October 23rd, 2011

Acclaimed artist Gary Sweeney created a colorful, whimsical temporary mural for AOTW.  Making a visual play on the popular slogan "Keep Austin Weird," Sweeney's Keep Austin Surreal was created from over 5,000 industrial Put-in Cups in a chain-link fence.  Colorful graphic designs revealed a very strange landscape of images:  a rocket ship is being launched in the same sky as a flying saucer, a giant red-eyed bulldog, and neon floating fish-- truly "surreal!"  The mural stood 12 feet tall and 30 feet wide, visible to thousands of Austinites via car or bike traveling on South Lamar every day.  
Artist Gary Sweeney chatting with AOTW founder Steve Dubov.
Volunteers are instructed in the installation process.
Volunteers begin installing over 5,000 Put-in Cups!
One of our fabulous volunteers hard at work.
One of our fabulous volunteers hard at work.
One of our fabulous volunteers hard at work.
Despite the scale of the project, volunteers helped install the piece in record time!
Special thanks to Gary Sweeney for a fantastic piece, and to his team of volunteers.  Great work!
Gary Sweeney's Keep Austin Surreal
Keep Austin Surreal glowing against a night sky.
Learn more about this artist and view his work at: 
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